We are now preparing our March No. 32 issue, which will be distributed for free in Amber Trip, Amberif, Jubinale and other jewellery exhibitions. Don’t forget to take your copy!

Do you make jewellery and want to reach out to shop owners worldwide? Or maybe you are trying to attract more customers? We would like to offer you to join our magazine, this is the best way to promote your bussiness in Skandinavian and Baltic regions.

Baltic Jewelllery News – 100 page magazine published in English, since 2005 and distributed in the whole Baltic Sea Region countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

There were already successfully distributed 30 issues of the magazine.

The main idea of the magazine is to get jewellery business representatives from all over the world familiar with the status of this business in the Baltic Sea Region countries and to contribute to its development as much as possible. Our magazine presents the best in jewellery news, latest news from assay offices, reviews and design trends, reflected objective information, main problems, achievements in the jewellery technology, important events about jewellery world.

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