Lithuanian companies are not related to the deal with JSC “Kaliningrad Amber Combine”

Notice of the Baltic Jewelry News Editorial

The press release of JSC “Kaliningrad Amber Combine” of 6 December 2016 ( informs that “as a result of negotiation of 30 November 2016 a large-scale cooperation agreement with Chinese company, which is a part of a big vertically integrated jewelry holding, was signed”. Further, on 7 December the news portal publishes a message entitled “Lithuanians may be behind a “Chinese” partner of Amber Combine” ( The publication assumes that the Lithuanian company “Beata” and its owner Algis Bitautas may be a business partner of “Kaliningrad Amber Combine” in the above-mentioned deal.

Algis Bitautas, the President of LE‘AMBER Consortium (that also includes four largest Chinese manufacturing companies and the Association of Chinese manufacturers), has contacted the editorial of the Baltic Jewelry News that is located in the Republic of Lithuania. With regard to the high status of this publication, which is the only English journal, covering all countries of the Baltic region, Mister Bitautas requested support and asked to inform about his position.

Algis Bitautas, the President of LE‘ AMBER Consortium does not have any relation with the deal announced in the press release by “Amber Combine“. Mister Bitautas has confirmed that negotiations with “Amber Combine” took place, but the contract was not signed.

Giedrius Guntorius, a representative of the Lithuanian cluster Amber Trip has also informed that he is not related to the deal publicized by “Amber Combine”.

By this notice the editorial of the Baltic Jewelry News expresses its concern with the current situation and would like to clarify that “the Lithuanian footprint” mentioned in the message by does not lead to two largest Lithuanian holdings in the amber branch. The fact that there was no mention about partner of the deal in the press release by “Amber Combine” is also a source of concern: participation of outsider companies in such large deals can lead to saturation of speculative market and, consequently, to the growth of amber prices.


Invitation to participate in NATURE MORTE

Art Jewellery Competition accompanying the Amber Trip 2017 amber & jewellery fair in Vilnius (Lithuania) will take place during 8-11 of March 2017.

Nature morte or still life, a genre commonly associated with painting, has been present in art from the earliest times. As a genre, it became formalised in the seventeenth century. Contemporary artists still explore the topic with all its symbolic tradition as well as new connotations in different media. Nevertheless there are very few works of contemporary art jewellery associated with nature morte. It may mean that such a subject is not an easy one for makers but it certainly is an interesting and inspiring one. Equally, amber, the recommended material (though not obligatory) fits well into the topic as it is itself often contains the fossilized remains of ancient life – and could be called a natural nature morte.

This competition offers the participants as well as the standard prizes, a chance of including their work in a very special exhibition showing art jewellery in context of the contemporary art as a whole.

The story is following:

In 2013 Michael Petry – artist, curator, author, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), London published a book entitled NATURE MORTE, Contemporary artists reinvigorate the Still Life tradition (Thames & Hudson).

The introduction ‘Revisiting the Still Life’ contains a short history of the genre and its multi layered symbolism followed by a chronological review of examples of the ‘classic’ – from ancient Egypt and Leonardo da Vinci to Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol.

He followed this with a review of contemporary examples in a wide variety of media. He widens the generally accepted meaning of still life often seen only as ‘flat’ – painting, drawing and photography to contains the 3D representations – sculpture, installation and objects. The review is divided into the historic areas of still life: Flora, Food, House & Home, Fauna and finally Death.

Normally a catalogue is printed to coincide with an exhibition. It was opposite this time. Shortly after the book was published Petry organised an exhibition of the same name based on the book.

The exhibition consists of historic still-life paintings and contemporary art works of leading artists of the 21st century. The exhibition has already been shown in Norway at Ha Gamle Prestegard, and since the beginning of May it is installed at the Bohusian Museum in Sweden. In the very beginning of 2017 a show at the National Museum in Wroclaw is planned, and from September 2017 to January 2018 the final stop of the tour will be held at London’s Guildhall Art Gallery in the City of London.

From the point of view of our competition it is especially interesting that in each venue some historic works borrowed from local museums as well as works of contemporary regional artists, who are working with the theme will be included.

It was decided that in the Wroclaw edition some jewellery works from the local Academy of Fine Arts will be included, while the final edition at London’s Guildhall will be accompanied by a Nature Morte jewellery exhibition at MOCA London. This exhibition will consist of pieces from the Wroclaw jewellery appendix and the Amber Trip 2017 competition, chosen by the curators.

We are happy to announce that our jury members are: Michael Petry, Giedymin Jablonski, Tanel Veenre, Irina Slesarova, Valdis Brože, Laima Keriene.

Please note that art jewellery and applications are accepted till the 1st of March. Contact for participation conditions and further details.

These are the steps you need to take to participate in NATURE MORTE art jewellery competition accompanying the Amber Trip XIV International Baltic Jeweller Show in Vilnius (Lithuania):

1)       fill in an application form (attached);

2)       send an application form to by 1st of March, 2017;

3)       when packing your work please make sure to save it from any potential damage, write down your name on the box or package and send it with signed application form;

4)       send your work to the following address by 1st of March, 2017:

Odilija Guntoriūtė


Aušros Vartų st. 15-9



LT – 01304